Bepartofit Hub (formerly Bepartofit) is a voluntary organisation supported by UnLtd.

Bepartofit Hub’s mission is to bring together disabled and non-disabled people and create a movement of accessibility savvy innovators.

Our presence and activities are crucial in addressing barriers to digital and offline accessibility, modern jobs economy requirements and the consequences of recent decisions of the UK government. The Conservative manifesto pledges: “As part of our objective to achieve full employment, we will aim to halve the disability employment gap: we will transform policy, practice and public attitudes, so that hundreds of thousands more disabled people who can and want to be in work find employment” (Stones, 2015 – The Independent).

Cuts to disabled people’s work benefits may impel those who need that extra support to stand up for their rights and/or think about alternative ways to fulfil their career aspirations.

At Bepartofit Hub we believe that it is important to tackle inequality, disability and accessibility challenges from many different angles. Advocacy for more support, campaigning, changing employers’ attitudes and inclusive community initiatives are all very important. We also believe that through a joint effort of both disabled and non-disabled people it will be easier and more efficient to find and test solutions.

Bepartofit Hub aims to offer unique resources that will allow everyone, including Deaf and disabled people to play an active role in the local and global community. We agree with Cormac Russell – Managing Director of Nurture Development, Director of ABCD Europe and a faculty member of the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) Institute at Northwestern University, Chicago – who wrote: “Perhaps we need fewer leaders who say ‘this is the way’, and more connectors who help us co-create ‘our way’” (Russell, May 2015; Nurture Development).