Digital Inclusion & Innovation Academy

Digital Inclusion & Accessible Innovation Academy – tailored workshops and empowerment courses on how to become an independent worker, leader or entrepreneur in the 21st Century. We offer accessibility focused social innovation, design and ICT education delivered by both disabled and non-disabled professionals and facilitators.

Who and what inspired us?

Royal London Society for Blind People (RLSB) and their “Everybody Technology” initiative!

According to RLSB, Everybody Technology is:

  • A mainstream device at mainstream prices, aimed at the broad customer base; it is not primarily designed for the niche disability or elderly markets
  • Providing the full range of functions expected of a mainstream device but with a wide choice of input and output methods (to cater for a wide range of differing abilities) that afford access to all, and not a sub-set, of those functions.

RLSB’s advice on how to make products more inclusive:

“Work with disabled users and think of them as ‘extreme users’. Design for them and it will be supremely easy for your mainstream users.”

To learn more about Everybody Technology follow this link:

And check out this amazing video featuring Stephen Hawking, that RLSB and Niki Gomez created to promote Everybody Technology project.

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