Meet the Team

<img src=”Magda-Slowinska.jpg” alt text= “Magda Slowinska“ />

Magdalena Slowinska Janowicz, Founder/Programme Manager

Magdalena has background in Arts, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, and Human-Computer Interaction (MSc, University College London – UCL). She’s a Founder and Director of Bepartofit Hub. Together with 50 founders she was selected to take part in Zinc Mission 2 (2018/2019) to unlock new opportunities for people in places that have been hard-hit by globalisation and automation.


<img src=”Olga-Mazur.jpg” alt text= “Olga Mazur“ />

Olga Mazur, Marketing Manager & Treasurer

Olga makes sure that Bepartofit Hub keep up with all the good work we do. She has amazing marketing, project management, admin and fundraising skills and a big interest in public innovation. She studied Biology, Commodity Science and Economics.

<img src=”Karina-Lapawa.jpg” alt text= “Karina Lapawa“ />

Karina Lapawa, Possibilities Outreach Officer

Karina is a talented connector and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. She’s a doer, explorer of UX and Instructional Design, and she sees possibilities everywhere.

<img src=”Sebastian-Ziabka.jpg” alt text= “Sebastian Ziabka“ />

Sebastian Ziabka, Digital Media/Video Designer

Seb has backrgound in Professional Sound and Video Technology. His skills really help us make our digital work and presence more professional, accessible and beautiful.

<img src=”Agata-Norton.jpg” alt text= “Agata Norton“ />

Agata Norton, Disability and Employment Adviser

Agata is simply brilliant. She’s a natural coach and adventurer. She studied Languages and Psychology in Bulgaria and Scotland and she has an extensive experience in supporting people with disabilities to get into employment. Agata is blind but she can do anything she sets her mind to. The sky’s the limit.

<img src=”Justyna-Scheuring.jpg” alt text= “Justyna Scheuring“ />

Justyna Scheuring, Creativity and Art Designer

Justyna is a professional visual and performance artist interested in creating art that challenges pre-conceptions of social participation. Together with Justyna we are developing a programme for people with disabilities to meet with fully abled participants in collaborations exploring self expression, confidence and communication to promote innovation and social entrepreneurship through creative work.