Diamonds in The Rough

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DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH is a series of customized accessible events, jams, and hackathons providing Accessibility, Innovation, Creativity and Leadership skills.

Storytelling is an important aspect of these events, and stories of current and aspiring disabled leaders, volunteers, freelancers and entrepreneurs will be shared online through accessible videos.

We are very excited about creating an accessible online video archive of diverse stories and we invite everyone to collaborate with us on this project i.e. help, host workshops and suggest activities.

Our all time favourite story is the one that Caroline Casey – a social entrepreneur advocating for the rights of people with disabilities – told during her TED talk presentation titled “Looking past limits”. Thanks to TED you can check Caroline’s video here. You can also use this link – to see it on (in case of problems with your browser etc). Please be aware that you may have limited or no access to subtitles if you watch it on your mobile. We hope this will be improved in the future.